Initiation au mastering Volet 2

Mixer ou masteriser, c’est avant tout bien écouter! Bien écouter, c’est bien entendre! Après avoir démontré la nécessité d’un bon mastering, parlons aujourd’hui de vos oreilles, des conditions acoustiques indispensables à votre espace de travail.

mastering 2

One thought on “Initiation au mastering Volet 2

  1. I have been using some version of Cakewalk softrawe for the last 20 years, back to Cakewalk 2 or 3 up to Sonar X1. I was thinking of upgrading to Sonar X2, but I saw a couple of videos on Studio One and downloaded the demo. I immediately switched over to Studio One. With the limited amount of time I have to do music right now, the workflow allows me to be more productive and that’s the most important thing. Thanks Graham for the video.

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